Deer Creek was Designed by Renowned Architect Scott Miller

The designer of Deer Creek Golf Course at Meadow Ranch is Scott Miller of Arizona, one of those rare people who knew what he wanted to do with his life back in sixth grade. As a youngster in Augusta, Kan., 
he used to play what he calls “cross-country golf” – playing through undeveloped land and making up holes as he went along. Then he’d go home to sketch out what he had just played.

After college, Miller worked for Jack Nicklaus’ design firm and moved to Scottsdale to handle the western end of Nicklaus’ business. He helped design Desert Highlands and the Renegade, Cochise and Geronimo courses at Desert Mountain. In 1988, he broke away from Nicklaus and went out on his own.

He’s specialized in building courses that have a target flavor and limited turf, but he always designs them to allow for the traditional recovery shot. “We also spend a lot of time in this office ensuring that the average golfer has a generous landing area for their tee shot,” Miller says. “So that the golfer doesn’t have to stand on the tee box every time and pull another golf ball out of his bag.”

Like Deer Creek, many of his courses are built on extraordinarily beautiful properties that have outstanding scenic vistas and holes that take full advantage of the lay of the land.

The playability and recovery possibilities on his courses are probably one of the factors in why his courses win such high rankings from golfing magazines. Besides Deer Creek in Littleton, Colo., he has designed We-Ko-Pa, a Native American-owned course near Scottsdale, Pueblo at Sandia, near Albuquerque, N.M., and the Golf Club at Eagle Mountain in Fountain Hills, Ariz.